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There are many ways to get started with open contracting. From committing to more disclosure, to publishing, using, and analyzing government contracts, to monitoring implementation of the approach.

Where open contracting is taking hold.
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Here’s our guide of how to use open contracting for your purposes and our resources and tools that will help you in doing so.


Our resource library pulls together relevant publications and tools to support you in implementing open contracting.

The Open Contracting Data Standard, an open and community-led standard that we steward, is the main tool to transform an opaque contracting process into open data that can unlock knowledge and spur action.

If you are thinking about implementing open contracting, whether you are government, civil society, private sector or journalists, make sure to let us know. We’d love to engage.

7 simple steps to open contracting:

  1. Design your engagement and make a commitment
  2. Map the readiness for open contracting in your country
  3. Build your Open Contracting Data Standard implementation
  4. Publish contracting data
  5. Use information to monitor government contracts and fix problems
  6. Learn and innovate government contracting
  7. Show and share what you have learned with others

Design your engagement and commit to open contracting

Committing to open contracting is the first step. There are many ways to get started.

Our Global Principles provide a comprehensive set of guidelines to open contracting.

As part of the Open Government Partnership’s National Action Plan, open contracting can be an essential commitment that provides cross-cutting value.

The International Open Data Charter promotes a commitment to promoting transparency and innovation through open data. Open contracting features as a key dataset and should be a cornerstone of your open data strategy.

How open is your government’s contracting?

Government contracts are where the money is. No wonder it is one of the areas most at risk of corruption.

The Open Data Index and the Open Data Barometer give a general sense of how open data on government contracts are.

To prepare for implementing open contracting we have prepared more detailed assessment tools, both on the overall framework as well as the technical framework.

Build your Open Contracting Data Standard implementation

This is where open contracting gets exciting. When data and documents are made available on every stage of the contracting process.

The Open Contracting Data Standard meets many users needs and use cases. Start from identifying the priorities for your open contracting project.

Then get started with implementing the Open Contracting Data Standard: we have developed lots of resources and tools to get you started and, once you have the data, to validate and publish it.

All along the way, our helpdesk is available for you at

Most importantly, the standard has been developed with a large community of developers to whom we are grateful. We look forward to continuing our work together.

Publish contracting data

Visualize. Analyze. Compare.

Once contract data has been opened up, there are many ways to follow the money and use this information.

We have gathered a great set of projects and platforms from across the globe that show the value of making contract data open.

Use information to monitor government contracts and fix problems

One of the most important pieces of open contracting is to actually fix what’s not working.

There are some useful resources how to monitor implementation of government contracts.

Learn and innovate

Ultimately, we hope this process will lead to a more open, efficient and effective public procurement process delivering better goods and services to citizens.

We have collected some of the innovative solutions worldwide to make sure citizens get the goods and services they deserve.

Show progress and share your story

We are a global partnership. Share your stories through our blog or on Twitter.

If you have developed material that might be relevant for others, we are happy to upload it to our resource library.

And we love data. Do you have evidence how open contracting has saved money, boosted business, fixed problems or uncovered corruption? Let us know. We’d love to tell your story.