Elevate public services: How will you change public contracting to radically improve goods, works or services?

Open Contracting Lift

You want to use public procurement as a tool to deliver better social outcomes. Open Contracting Lift is our impact accelerator program to help teams of bold procurement reformers around the world to go further with their ideas and deliver change.

Open Contracting Lift is one of our core programs that helps teams of bold procurement reformers propel their ambitious plans towards systemic change. Lift has worked with teams around the world to use public contracting to improve effective governance and support more equitable and green communities, taking on big challenges ranging from government transparency and accountability and high medicine costs, to disaster relief management.

Over the 18 month-long Lift program, we work closely with each team to provide change management and open contracting support. Teams are selected through a competitive process, with new calls for applications offered annually. 

Lift Participants

Lift is open to teams from all levels of government and civil society organizations around the globe. We’ve also seen that partnerships between government and civil society can be especially powerful. Past Lift teams have worked to achieve impact goals at the national level in Ecuador, Moldova, and Paraguay; the regional level in Assam, India, and Ekiti State, Nigeria; and metropolitan and city level in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Lille, France, Mexico City, Mexico, and in the United States’ cities of Des Moines, Iowa, El Paso, Texas, and New Orleans, Louisiana.


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Kaye Sklar,
Lift Program Manager