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Open Contracting Quickstart Guide


By: Open Contracting Partnership

Published: 2021

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Open Contracting Quickstart Guide

By Open Contracting Partnership

15 practical strategies for open, fairer, and better public procurement

Open contracting is an approach to open up and reimagine public procurement by promoting transparency, collaboration, and achieving results.

It is about engaging public, private, civil society or other sectors to use procurement information and smarter processes to deliver better public goods, works, and services. It is about inviting stakeholders in to listen and respond to their needs, expanding equity, sustainability, and economic opportunities. It is also about open data, and how sharing timely, user-friendly and accessible information can improve monitoring, feedback and– over time–trust.

This Quickstart Guide will help you get up and running with open contracting–from the big fixes to the quick fixes. You’ll learn key strategies, discover tools and resources, and be inspired by open contracting efforts from around the globe.

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