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Our world runs on public contracts.

Open Contracting Partnership helps transform procurement from an overlooked, underfunded paper-based chore to a digital, data-driven government service that can be an engine for innovation, sustainability and economic inclusion. With one in every three dollars spent by governments on delivering public goods, works and services, procurement has a vast, untapped potential to meet the urgent needs of our time. 

Public procurement should be all about people. It’s a means to an end, not an end in itself. That’s why we are leading our new strategy with a bold ambition that puts people right at the center of our work and impact. 

We want to enable one billion people to live in more equitable, prosperous and sustainable communities by 2030 by improving US$2 trillion in public procurement spending.

We help partners across government, civil society and the private sector to: 

  • Design goal-driven reforms 
  • Build coalitions of change
  • Co-create digital solutions, powered by open data.

We are unique in bringing these three approaches together and at scale.

Over our last strategy from 2019-2023, our work had an indirect positive impact on an estimated 209 million lives and US$116 billion dollars of public spending. We documented 14 different reforms where open contracting resulted in major changes in competition, efficiency, value for money, integrity, innovation, and inclusion. 

Working together, we can seize this crucial opportunity to transform procurement and reach a global tipping point of policy and practice.

Read on to learn more about our ambitious plan to get there.


Our pathways to scale

Our ambitious 2030 goal requires us to scale our work in an unprecedented way, both wide (more places) and deep (more impact where we work).

Co-creating digital procurement solutions

Current procurement tech serves bureaucracy, not people, so we will work with partners to build much better e-procurement and other digital solutions. Solutions that are user-friendly and that use data to measure and improve outcomes from procurement, such as deploying red flag automated risk indicators or that help engage the marketplace and smaller vendors.

Deepening our regional communities

Open contracting strategies, tools, and lessons travel best around shared languages and shared priority topics. We really saw the benefits of regional teams to support reforms during the pandemic, so we will continue to invest heavily in this approach, as well as supporting local civil society partners to work alongside us and more regional learning opportunities to bring us all together.

Building partnerships with international organizations

We have made good progress on shaping global norms at the G7, G20, the OECD and the UN under our previous strategy, but we still see an implementation gap around delivering on commitments. We will now more explicitly focus our international advocacy efforts on embedding and supporting open contracting interventions in multilateral institutions that support digital transformation and good governance in procurement, like the World Bank, UN and regional development banks.

Shaping global norms and practices

Procurement has to be both digital and sustainable to better serve people and protect the planet. We feel it is vital to actively shape emerging practices in both of these critical areas as support is currently heavily skewed to detailed legal analysis or specific off-the-shelf technical fixes. We can help change that with more practical support, tools and inspiration, bridging the gap between knowledge and practice with user-friendly ‘how to’ guides and by sharing the real stories of reforms and their challenges.

How we work

Supporting local changemakers is at the heart of our work and our theory of change. Here is how we bring our assistance together for our partners: 

Design goal-driven reforms

We help our partners identify and collaborate with stakeholders to articulate their goals and develop implementation plans – from strengthening democratic institutions to expanding economic inclusion or strengthening sustainability and climate resilience. 

Build coalitions of change

We help our partners build coalitions of change and make the case for open contracting. We communicate their story to build buy-in and show that change is possible. 

Co-create digital solutions, powered by open data

We support partners to improve data collection, validation, publication and usability to achieve their objectives. This work can include supporting implementation of the Open Contracting Data Standard. We support data use through capacity building and developing or adopting software solutions, such as business intelligence tools, AI, dashboards to monitor red flags, or tools using non-procurement data to inform procurement decision-making.

Our theory of change

Here is how we plan to reach our impact targets by 2030.

Our model for local change: Supporting local trailblazers

We plan to support around 100 compelling projects on the ground. We will work with government and civil society partners on promising, locally-owned reforms that bring together multi-stakeholder teams to achieve goals around strengthening democratic institutions, social inclusion, or environmental sustainability and resilience. With much hard work and adequate resources and incentives for change, we expect that many of these projects will improve outcomes from procurement, allowing us to work with partners to document progress and improved outcomes: a proof point that change is possible.

Achieving global scale

Every proof point can inspire other reforms and build our evidence for global advocacy on what works. As well as encouraging other local reforms, we can use these insights and evidence at the international level to decisively shift global norms around procurement reform. We will also invest in building, supporting, and documenting open source digital tools and methodologies to help future reformers go further, faster.

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