Open contracting in the
United States of America

Change through digitization and inclusion

We support all levels of government with a focus on social safety nets, sustainability, and economic growth and development.

We see a huge need and opportunity for open contracting in the United States, especially around supporting more equitable and sustainable communities through procurement. Last year, we demonstrated that better procurement can serve the environment and historically disadvantaged businesses through our work with partners under the Lift program, including the City of Des Moines, as well as our new engagements with Cities of Portland, Oregon, and Boston, Massachusetts. In addition, with support from Results for America, we assisted a cohort of communities from the Bloomberg Cities What Works Cities program, including the City of Newark, with digital procurement for more inclusive outcomes.

We also saw an emerging multi-sector effort to improve how residents access social safety net programs, and we advocated for procurement reform as a critical aspect to unlocking better government services. As part of these efforts, we deepened our relationships with other nonprofit, philanthropic, and government partners across local, state, and federal levels. For example, we supported Code for America’s cohort of states through leaning sessions and advice with ensuring that a results-and data-driven procurement process support their important safety net reforms. We also participated in the working groups from the Aspen Institute Financial Security Program and Facing a Financial Shock Life Experience Interagency Team on procurement and vendor management trying to make procurement more people-centered, and presented at the Code for America Summit to an overflowing room.

At the federal level, we are promoting greater accessibility and transparency, particularly in measuring whether federal dollars are leading to sustainable outcomes for communities in need.

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Kathrin Frauscher,
Deputy Director