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Latin America

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Around half of the region’s population (some 326 million people) currently lives in countries with access to open contracting data. The progress of open contracting in Latin America is visible in projects that monitor school infrastructure and whether investments in informal settlements reach the poorest – despite ongoing political polarization and economic volatility.

Find out more about the actors open contracting data and multistakeholder collaboration to improve the quality of government spending, advance inclusion, and strengthen civic oversight.

From the Summit of the Americas’ Declaration on Democratic Governance to new legal country-level reforms, new high-level normative mandates that support open contracting reforms.

Read our stories below to learn more about how open contracting is taking hold. Digital transformation processes that embed open contracting delivered results in Colombia, Ecuador and Nuevo León, Mexico, and progress advancing equity in Colombia and Paraguay. Through our Lift impact acceleration program, we are supporting Paraguay and Mexico City to remove bureaucratic obstacles and streamline processes to facilitate SME participation in public procurement.

Make sure to review impact snapshots for Chile, Colombia and Paraguay.

Open contracting stories

More than 50 countries and cities, from Argentina to Mexico, are pursuing open contracting reforms. It takes hard work, political will, technical skills, and sustained engagement. Explore stories from around the region that show how open contracting is changing lives — from value for money to value for many.

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The state of open contracting in Latin America

Team OCP in LatAm

Meet and connect with our amazing team that’s joining forces with government and civil society reformers in the region to make public procurement better for people and planet!

Oscar Hernández,
Head of Latin America

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Senior Program Manager for Latin America

Mariana López Fernández,
Senior Program Manager for Latin America

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Senior Program Manager for Latin America