Open contracting in
Asia Pacific

Advancing reforms through partnerships

Asia Pacific stands out for its diversity of countries and cultures and its size – with 60% of the world’s population living in the region. We have seen a remarkable rise of a community dedicated to open contracting across the region.

From Australia to Thailand, more countries are committing to open up their public contracting and procurement processes. While some reformers are new to open contracting and building their knowledge, others have started to move ahead with lots of promise for progress and concrete plans.

Through our dedicated presence in the region, we aim to have more implementers adopting public procurement that is ‘open by design’, make open contracting the norm, and build a strong community to promote it.

Open contracting stories

More than 50 countries and cities, from Australia to Thailand are pursuing open contracting reforms. It takes hard work, political will, technical skills, and sustained engagement. Explore stories from around the region that show how open contracting is changing lives — from value for money to value for many.

Latest data use stories from Asia Pacific

The state of open contracting in Asia Pacific


Team OCP in Asia Pacific

Meet and connect with our amazing team that’s joining forces with government and civil society reformers in the region to make public procurement better for people and planet!

Bernadine Fernz,
Head of Asia, Infrastructure and Sustainability

Boonyarat Kittivorawut,
Senior Program Manager for Asia

Nanda Sihombing,
Senior Program Manager for Asia