Designing goal-driven reforms

We help our partners identify and collaborate with stakeholders to articulate their goals as well as develop implementation plans.

Goals can include topics such as increasing integrity in public procurement by implementing anti-corruption measures, expanding economic inclusion to women- or minority-owned businesses, strengthening sustainability and climate resilience.

We help articulate and measure their implementation by focusing on measurable outcomes, such as lowering the cost for essential medicines, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, or increasing the participation of local minority-owned businesses.

Our topics

Review these introduction to the most impactful topics for implementing open contracting in public procurement.


Increasing integrity through implementing anti-corruption measures

Beneficial Ownership

Shell companies are the getaway vehicles for grand corruption, and contracts the escape route. It’s time to unmask the drivers.

Emergency procurement

How to manage public procurement in an emergency: Buying fast, smart, and open


Digitizing public procurement: Building better, data-driven processes and systems


Delving into the world of oil, mining and gas contracts with open contracting


Empowering communities and enabling inclusive growth: Our focus on Gender


The right medicine: open contracting in health

Inclusion & equity

If all can participate, all will benefit: our focus on inclusion and equity


Build better. Build right. Our focus on infrastructure


Because every procurement should be sustainable