Implementing the
Open Contracting Data Standard

We have developed detailed documentation to guide you in implementing the Open Contracting Data Standard, and many technical blogs, templates, and other guidance material.

The Open Contracting Data Standard documentation is your key resource to implementing the standard. It provides you with access to the latest version of the data specification, guidance on data publication, documentation of extensions, and other relevant resources.

We also have step-by-step guidance, including helpful templates and tools to support your OCDS implementation here.

Most importantly, our data support team is ready to help. Just reach out to us with any questions at

Join the OCDS Community

A large community of data publishers, vendors, advocacy organizations, journalists and other users are working with the Open Contracting Data Standard. Below are some of the key ways to get involved:

Mailing list: This general mailing list is the main discussion space for data publishers, users of open contracting data, and the open contracting developer community. Join here.

You can ask questions, discuss ideas for using the standard, and share news on your projects. Announcements about proposed updates to the standard, and periods for comment, will also be made to the mailing list.

GitHub: You can find the latest technical discussions on developments of the standard on the GitHub issue tracker where you can also share your own suggestions for developments to the standard.

Data support team: If you want direct support to publish open contracting data, or to develop tools that work with OCDS, and do not want to post through the available public fora, you can contact the data support team directly at

Contact our expert

Lindsey Marchessault,
Director for Data and Engagement