Reform is hard but you are not alone.

How we work to support impactful change

The Open Contracting Partnership offers a range of services to support partners to advocate for and implement reforms to make government contracting better and fairer.

We can support governments with:

  • Reform design and change management (including setting of theories of change, and key performance indicators);
  • Improving data collection, validation, publication & use to support reform objectives; 
  • Using data for monitoring red flags and key performance indicators;
  • Adopting and improving systems and technologies; 
  • Developing monitoring and analytical tools and dashboards;
  • Designing collaboration and monitoring mechanisms; and 
  • Documenting and publicizing progress and impact of open contracting reforms.

We also work with civil society, media, and academia to undertake advocacy, investigative, and research activities that make the case for or document the impact of open contracting reforms.

Finally, we regularly convene regional and global peer-exchange and knowledge sharing.

Our Services

We deliver the above support through:

  • Training and capacity building activities
  • Workshops to build shared understanding and action planning
  • Coaching and 1:1 advisory services
  • Reviewing and giving feedback on draft legislation, project plans, terms of references, data, and any other document relevant to the planning and implementation of an open contracting reform
  • Providing technical assistance
  • Undertaking data analysis 
  • Preparing progress and impact stories

Our team includes regional program leads, community and capacity building staff, communications specialists, data analysts, software developers, and more. In some cases, we will even hire consultants to support implementation of all of the above.

We offer our most holistic and intensive support through our Lift impact accelerator program, in which selection is determined through a competitive process. Outside of Lift, we operate on a graded support model, able to give light touch to moderate support depending on the availability of resources and buy-in and progress demonstrated by partners.

To request support from us or set up an exploratory discussion