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Blog9 May 2018
Hera Hussain

We tried to connect contracts, spending and beneficial ownership in the UK. It was tough and that needs to change

News20 Feb 2018

Open data on infrastructure and other public procurement is essential to support investment and integrity

Blog9 May 2018
Rob Redpath and Andrew Mandelbaum

How to check your OCDS data validates

Resource14 Mar 2018
Open Contracting Partnership


Blog4 May 2018
Tim Williams and Tim Davies

Open Contracting Data Standard: how can we improve the documentation?

Blog27 Apr 2018
Catalina Deminchuck

Latin American helpdesk turns one

Blog26 Apr 2018
Katherine Wikrent

A 5th dimension: Why we decided to add internal efficiency as a new use case

Blog22 Mar 2018
Katherine, Nicolas, Carey, Jorge and Chelsey

An “ODD” chance to bring open contracting to life: open contracting front and center at Open Data Day 2018

News17 Jan 2018

Better and open data key to effective public oversight and managing risks in government spending

News27 Nov 2017

Transforming government contracting: Two-day global meeting Open Contracting 2017 to kick off in Amsterdam on 28 November

News18 Oct 2017

Malaysian project to expose political interests in procurement wins Open Contracting Innovation Challenge

News14 Jun 2017

Government Innovation Award winner and six Grand Prize finalists of Open Contracting Innovation Challenge announced

News8 May 2017

Open letter to Chancellor Merkel

Resource2 Mar 2018
Open Contracting Partnership

Opening up public contracting

Resource26 Feb 2018
Open Contracting Partnership

Annual Report 2017: Serving up transparency and change in public contracting

Resource6 Feb 2018
Open Contracting Partnership

OCDS Formato de Plan de Publicación

Resource6 Feb 2018
Open Contracting Partnership

OCDS Publication Plan Template

Resource5 Feb 2018
Open Contracting Partnership

Entregas y registros: Guia de capacitacion