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Blog11 Dec 2019
Viktor Nestulia

Opening up Moldova’s contracts. Progress and challenges

News11 Dec 2019

Over 70% users find new e-procurement platform MTender useful for their work

Blog5 Dec 2019
Kaye Sklar

Why you should bother with user research for procurement reforms

Resource1 Nov 2019
Open Contracting Partnership

How open data helps WTO GPA objectives. A step-by-step guidance document

Blog18 Nov 2019
Hera Hussain

BBC Newsnight uses open contracting data to investigate how social care procurement in the UK may put vulnerable children at risk

Blog7 Nov 2019
Kaye Sklar

Good planning: the jet fuel to help procurement reform ideas ‘Lift’ off

Blog4 Nov 2019
Karolis Granickas

New guidance on open contracting & trade

Blog4 Nov 2019
Hera Hussain

Announcing Lift Learning Circles: Share and learn from peers to put open contracting into practice

News12 Nov 2019

Statement on BBC Newsnight’s report into public spending on care homes

News6 Nov 2019

Memorandum of Understanding between Open Contracting Partnership and MURC

News4 Nov 2019

Condolences: Alfredo Cantero

News15 Oct 2019

Lift-off for five bold public contracting reforms to improve public services

News4 Jul 2019

Open Letter: We call on France to take the lead on open contracting for infrastructure – including the Olympics – and reducing inequality to deliver the G7 goals

Resource25 Oct 2019
Open Contracting Partnership

OCDS Toucan

Resource30 May 2019
Open Contracting Partnership

Open Contracting Partnership Strategy 2019-2023

Resource29 May 2019
Open Contracting Partnership

OC4IDS scoping template

Resource17 May 2019
Open Contracting Partnership

Open contracting supporting successful IT procurement

Resource26 Mar 2019
Open Contracting Partnership

Annual Report 2018

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