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Blog7 Dec 2017
Chris Smith, CAS Procurement Consulting

Government procurement should be electronic and open

News27 Nov 2017

Transforming government contracting: Two-day global meeting Open Contracting 2017 to kick off in Amsterdam on 28 November

Blog6 Dec 2017
Monika Bauhr, Agnes Czibik, Mihaly Fazekas, and Jenny de Fine Licht

Greater transparency in calls for tenders could save Europe billions

Resource27 Nov 2017
Open Contracting Partnership

Using it, not losing it, over procurement data

Blog4 Dec 2017
The #OCGlobal17 conveners

Diversity. Bottom-up energy. Real outcomes: Open contracting after OCGlobal17

Blog27 Nov 2017
Katherine Wikrent

Using it, not losing it, over procurement data

Blog24 Nov 2017
Kathrin Frauscher and Lauren Gardner, Reboot

How to be? Designing Open Contracting 2017

Blog16 Nov 2017
Andrew Mandelbaum, Development Gateway

From transparency to data use: rising to open contracting’s next challenge

News18 Oct 2017

Malaysian project to expose political interests in procurement wins Open Contracting Innovation Challenge

News14 Jun 2017

Government Innovation Award winner and six Grand Prize finalists of Open Contracting Innovation Challenge announced

News8 May 2017

Open letter to Chancellor Merkel

News3 Apr 2017

New tool to track corporate ownership around the world

News21 Mar 2017

New Latin America helpdesk team to assist open contracting innovators

Resource3 Nov 2017
Keystone Accountability

Feedback Report: Open Contracting Partnership

Resource14 Aug 2017
Open Contracting Partnership

OCDS 1.1 Mapping Template Guidance (ES)

Resource14 Aug 2017
Open Contracting Partnership

OCDS 1.1 Mapping Template Guidance

Resource4 Aug 2017
Open Contracting Partnership

(ES) Versión 1.1 – Resumen sobre actualización del Estándar

Resource4 Aug 2017

OCDS 1.1 – Summary note on version upgrade