A new standard for infrastructure transparency

The Open Contracting for Infrastructure Data Standard #OC4IDS to provides guidance to governments on what and how to publish information at each stage of an infrastructure project.

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Blog17 Apr 2019
Bernadine Fernz

The #OC4IDS: A new standard for infrastructure transparency

News31 Jan 2019

Fairer food for Philadelphia: Providing better meals through open contracting

Blog10 Apr 2019
Hera Hussain

How to make the OCDS come to life at a workshop

Resource26 Mar 2019
Open Contracting Partnership

Annual Report 2018

Blog3 Apr 2019
Lindsey Marchessault and Nicolas Penagos

Charting our way to a better procurement future with MAPS

Blog3 Apr 2019
Romina Fernández

How can OCDS help to assess the quality and performance of a procurement system? A step-by-step guide

Blog2 Apr 2019
Gavin Hayman and Ian Makgill

The state of the UK’s largest contractors: What can we learn from Interserve?

Blog13 Mar 2019
Katherine Wikrent and Patrica Palale

Learning Insights Zambia: Open contracting enhances an e-GP project but faces political challenges to achieving scale

News20 Feb 2018

Open data on infrastructure and other public procurement is essential to support investment and integrity

News17 Jan 2018

Better and open data key to effective public oversight and managing risks in government spending

News27 Nov 2017

Transforming government contracting: Two-day global meeting Open Contracting 2017 to kick off in Amsterdam on 28 November

News18 Oct 2017

Malaysian project to expose political interests in procurement wins Open Contracting Innovation Challenge

News14 Jun 2017

Government Innovation Award winner and six Grand Prize finalists of Open Contracting Innovation Challenge announced

Resource25 Mar 2019
Open Contracting Partnership

OCDS 1.1 Plantilla de Política de Publicación [ES]

Resource15 Mar 2019

OC4IDS Field Level Mapping Template

Resource14 Feb 2019
Open Contracting Partnership

OCDS 1.1 Publication Policy Template

Resource17 Dec 2018
Open Contracting Partnership and PODER

Visualizing OCDS with Kibana

Resource6 Nov 2018
Open Contracting Partnership

OCDS 1.1 Building Blocks Resource Guide

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