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Blog8 Jun 2017
Karolis Granickas

Kicking off the journey: From contracting data to monitoring in post-earthquake Nepal

News14 Jun 2017

Government Innovation Award winner and six Grand Prize finalists of Open Contracting Innovation Challenge announced

Blog31 May 2017
Kathrin Frauscher, Leigh Manasco and Karolis Granickas

Learning Insights: Open contracting – a helping hand in Nepal

Resource21 Jun 2017
Open Contracting Partnership

Open Contracting Partnership two-pager

Blog22 May 2017
Eduard Martín-Borregón, PODER

El nexo entre contratos y élites: Poner las contrataciones abiertas en uso desde sociedad civil

Blog19 May 2017
Kathrin Frauscher and May Miller-Dawkins and Eryn Schornick

Purchasing – big power and big opportunity

Blog18 May 2017
Andrew Mendelbaum, Development Gateway

What needs to happen to do procurement right in West Africa

Blog15 May 2017
Sierra Ramirez

Building the network, growing the field

News8 May 2017

Open letter to Chancellor Merkel

News3 Apr 2017

New tool to track corporate ownership around the world

News21 Mar 2017

New Latin America helpdesk team to assist open contracting innovators

News30 Jan 2017

Open contracting is saving lives in healthcare, helping the fight against corruption

News8 Dec 2016

$1 trillion in public contracting in five major economies to become open-by-default

Resource21 Jun 2017
Open Contracting Partnership

Open Contracting Scope Study Cote d’Ivoire

Resource21 Jun 2017

OCDS 1.0 Field Level Mapping Template

Resource7 Jun 2017

OCP Strategy Refreshed

Resource13 Apr 2017
Open Data Charter

Open Up Guide: Using Open Data to Combat Corruption

Resource31 Mar 2017
Open Contracting Partnership, Development Gateway

Methodology for Open Contracting Scoping Studies