Open contracting in the
United States of America

Change through digitization and inclusion

We support all levels of government with a focus on social safety nets, sustainability, and economic growth and development.

City partners such as Des Moines, Iowa focus on process and data improvements, and better planning and outreach to vendors to revitalize their local economies and to expand access to procurement opportunities for local, women, and/or minority-owned businesses. We continue to support our Lift program partners in Des Moines, Iowa, and El Paso, Texas, and other partners in Long Beach, California; New York City, NY; Portland, Oregon; Washington DC; and the states of California and Colorado.

At the federal level, we are promoting greater accessibility and transparency, particularly in measuring whether federal dollars are leading to sustainable outcomes for communities in need.

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Team OCP in the U.S.

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Kathrin Frauscher,
Deputy Director