Open contracting in
Ukraine and Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Supporting our partners transforming public procurement

Eastern Europe and Central Asia have become a highly turbulent region due to the war in Ukraine and regional conflicts, putting government transparency and accountability efforts at risk.

We are assisting the Ukraine government, through the Ministry for the Recovery, to leverage Ukraine’s award-winning ecosystem of digital open government tools to coordinate and deliver a one-stop platform to monitor all stages of Ukraine’s post-war reconstruction projects using the fully transparent electronic reconstruction ecosystem DREAM (Digital Restoration Ecosystem for Accountable Management). It creates a single pipeline from communities to funders and helps to manage all stages of project implementation. We are currently testing the approach and scale the system to cover all reconstruction projects by the end of 2023.

In addition to our intense support for Ukraine, we’ve been working actively across the EECA region, especially with civil society and procurement data users.

A strong coalition of CSOs are cooperating to maintain momentum in the region and demanding transparent, accountable and efficient public procurement. We developed  analytical infrastructure to equip them with tools to track and measure their country’s performance and improve their capacity to implement reforms and strengthen collaboration. Check out a new business intelligence module launched in Kazakhstan, a red flag engine and a tool to analyze public procurement in the educational sector in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Open contracting stories

More than 50 countries and cities, from Armenia to Uzbekistan are pursuing open contracting reforms. It takes hard work, political will, technical skills, and sustained engagement. Explore stories from around the region that show how open contracting is changing lives — from value for money to value for many.

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Viktor Nestulia,
Head of Ukraine Support

Volodymyr Tarnay,
Program Manager for EECA