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Did 2019 end on 12 September for you too?

Imagine the year stopped on 12 September, about two-thirds through. You only had 255 days instead of 365.

You’d feel cheated right? Yet, something like that is what keeps happening in the world of government contracting. People aren’t getting what they deserve. In infrastructure, for example, research by the International Monetary Fund shows there is a 30% efficiency gap between the money spent on infrastructure and the quality of what gets built. 

We launched our second master plan this year to build a global community of policy and practice to close that gap. You can read about the big shifts we are making in our work here and about our new programs to deliver those changes like Open Contracting Lift here.

One of our key reflections was that we needed to do more to celebrate the progress, energy, and innovation that we see across our community and that we were blown away by in 2019. 

Here are some of the stories of use, progress, and impact that stood out for us this year:

This only scratches the surface. Check out our blog and impact stories page for more. We’d love to share your story too. 

We’d like to thank you for supporting us this year by providing your expertise, cheerleading and adding your voice to the conversation about how we can get radically improved goods and services with public money. Whether in Arusha, Cali, Chisinau, Ottawa or Taipei, the energy and experience on offer is inspiring.    

Together we can make public contracting 10 times better and ensure it delivers 100% for citizens.  

See you in 2020! We will be kicking the year off sharing more progress from some unexpected places!

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