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28 June 2018

What’s the deal? Evolving practices in contract transparency

Organisation: EITI. Location: Conference Centre of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), Invalidendstarsse 48, Berlin

The Contract transparency landscape within EITI is changing fast. More than half of EITI member countries have disclosed extractive industry contracts and 16 EITI supporting companies have now made statements supporting publication in some form. In the last year alone, new contracts were disclosed for the first time in Ghana, Guyana, and Malawi; the Kyrgyz Republic passed a law requiring publication of licenses; and the DRC, Guinea, and Mexico have produced state of the art contract portals.

But how can citizens benefit? What’s in it for the companies? And what should governments do as part of a comprehensive package reforms in this area? Organized by the EITI Secretariat, NRGI, OXFAM, OpenOil and Open Contracting Partnership this event will examine evolving practices and provide a forum for EITI stakeholders to discuss how the movement can use contract transparency to support robust, stable and fair deals. It will showcase two new reports on the issue: Oxfam’s 2018 company contract disclosure survey and NRGI and Open Contracting Partnership’s new research on best practices in concession awards.


Region: International

Audience: Government