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Open contracting reform design and management resources: new guide

Download our new guide.

Do you have a great contracting reform goal, but aren’t sure how to achieve it? Are you struggling to get your cross-departmental or cross-sector team on the same page? Is someone, internal or external, blocking your efforts? 

While we cannot solve your problems for you, we can help. 

For the past year through our Lift Open Contracting Reform program, we have worked closely with five bold teams of procurement reformers as they seek to improve specific goods, works, and services or expand economic opportunity. Like many reformers, the Lift teams have ambitious goals and skilled staff. Also like many reformers, they face tough challenges with aligning their teams, building buy-in, and planning and implementing their projects in uncertain times.   

That’s why we created new reform design and management resources to support teams as they develop and deliver the strongest plans possible. We at OCP – and the Lift teams – tested these tools and guidance and they helped us in advancing our goals. Now are excited to share these same Lift resources with you. Access our new guide now

You will find tools and resources for every step of developing an open contracting reform strategy, from defining your challenge to building an advocacy campaign. We also include guidance on when and how to use these materials as you design your reform project. 

We developed these materials with our implementation partner, Reboot, and with the support of Hivos.  

We hope this new resource is useful to you in your change management process. Please reach out with any questions and suggestions you may have!

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