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How to build internal alignment with the challenge wheel

It’s easy to understand that stakeholder alignment is important for procurement reform projects. If everyone agrees on the goal, why it’s important, and how it should be achieved, then a project is set up for success. Plus, we all have horror stories about institutional changes gone wrong. Even if they are carried out with the best of intentions, reforms can fail when they feel inflicted upon an organization, and the reform changes don’t address the problem at hand. Savvy procurement reformers know that building buy-in early with key stakeholders is helpful to avoid this fate.

But it’s one thing to understand why stakeholder alignment matters – it’s another to know how to achieve it. Bringing together stakeholders to have a meaningful and productive conversation can seem daunting. Stakeholders may have different areas of expertise, unique perspectives on how to address the problem, and even disagree on the nature of the problem itself.

To help our Lift teams tackle the challenge of internal stakeholder alignment at LiftOff, together with our project partners Reboot we developed the Challenge Wheel. We were very impressed how this tool enabled cross-functional groups to come to a shared understanding of their target procurement challenges, as well as generate useful insights to shape their reform strategies. Plus, it only took an hour for teams to complete!

We’re excited to share the Challenge Wheel with you, along with instructions to get the most out of this tool. Stay tuned for more resources from Lift to help your team launch procurement reform projects.

Challenge Wheel instructions

Analyzing your proble

We suggest completing the Challenge Wheel by moving clockwise from section 1 (“Root Challenge”), although feel free to write in the other sections as ideas surface.

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