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Meeting in Madrid: Open contracting at the IODC 2016

We are excited to see the open contracting community growing with every day. New countries and partners are committing to implementing open contracting – recently at the UK Anti-Corruption Summit and through the Open Government Partnership’s National Action Plan process – and getting their feet wet in open contracting.

One of the best opportunities for us to all get together and share our experiences will be this year’s International Open Data Conference in Madrid from October 3-7 (where the Open Contracting Partnership will be a sponsor). We had some really useful lessons at last year’s gathering in Canada, so we wanted to make sure you know what is planned around our topic and how we can work together.

If you look at the agenda, you’ll find a series of sessions on open contracting, talks and workshops that were proposed from the community.

Here’s a quick overview:

First, on Tuesday, October 4 we will be organizing a day-long workshop Progress, Challenges, Innovation where we hope share and learn from the progress and impact of implementations around the world and discuss the upgrade process of the Open Contracting Data Standard. This will also be a perfect opportunity to work together on lots of the ongoing issues you might be working on directly.

On October 5, we will be involved in both the Open Data Standards Day and the pre-event on Follow the Money and Open Data.

For the main program from 6-7 October, we are excited to hear from both Laura Serghi from Canada and Myroslav Opyr from Ukraine who’ll share their impact stories on open contracting. There are also dedicated sessions on Friday on open contracting (together with Hivos’ open contracting program), a session on joined-up data by our friends at Devinit, and a session with NRGI, WRI and Aiddata to look at opening up extractives and land projects.

Pre-registration is already open for the conference.  

Let us know if you will join. We are very much looking forward to meet you in Madrid, and share and celebrate our achievements.

What you’ve been doing over the last year. We’d also love to share your work and advancements ahead of the conference here on our blog.

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