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Our Strategy: The Open Contracting Partnership 2015-2018

When an earthquake hit the Sichuan region in China in 2008, schools collapsed immediately on top of thousands of schoolchildren. Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei used 38 tonnes of steel reinforcing bars retrieved from the shools, hammered flat, in his work ‘Straight’ They symbolise his hopes for straightening out the system, and for our need to stand up against corruption.

At the Open Contracting Partnership, we want to make sure that the huge amount of dollars spent through government contracts are spent honestly, fairly, and effectively – so that school buildings don’t crumble. We do this by opening up public contracting through disclosure, data and engagement.

We’ve blogged about the cornerstones of our strategy before. Now we are excited to share the final and beautifully designed version with you.

We’ll be looking forward to partnering and working with all of you, busting silos, and hopefully generating useful learning and evidence about what works.

This will be fundamental in switching the global default in government contracting from closed to open.

Unpack our strategy to learn more

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