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Mexico: innovation in open contracting

We are witnessing a historic shift to public contracting becoming open by default with commitments to open contracting across the world. Learn more about what's happening in Mexico and in Mexico City.

3 innovations from Mexico

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Blog21 Jul 2016
Georg Neumann

Meeting in Madrid: Open contracting at the IODC 2016

News29 Jun 2016

Open Contracting Partnership awarded top transparency rating

Blog30 Jun 2016
Duncan Dewhurst and Tim Davies

Getting your data together: routes towards an OCDS API

Resource24 Jun 2016
Open Contracting Partnership

3 steps to help U.S. business access the federal market

Blog28 Jun 2016
Andrew Mandelbaum, Development Gateway

Putting open contracting into practice in Vietnam

Blog27 Jun 2016
Stéphane Guidoin, Ville de Montréal

Montreal: greater transparency of city contracts through open data & visualization

Blog23 Jun 2016
Gavin Hayman

Three cheers and three beers for Mexico’s open contracting leadership

Blog22 Jun 2016
Juanita Olaya

Corruption in public contracting: Change behavior, not rules

News12 May 2016

Pledge to make public contracting ‘open by default’ major step in fighting corruption

News10 May 2016

Opening public contracting essential for anti-corruption summit to succeed

News3 May 2016

Open contracting @

News4 Apr 2016

New global register to shine light on anonymous companies, a root cause of corrupt, illegal activities

News3 Feb 2016

Statement on the resignation of the Ukrainian Minister of Economic Development and Trade Abromavicius

Resource11 May 2016
Open Contracting Partnership

All you need to know about open contracting guide

Resource3 May 2016
Open Contracting Partnership

Open Contracting in Africa: The next generation of action

Resource24 Mar 2016
Open Contracting Partnership

Open Contracting Partnership Learning Plan

Resource14 Mar 2016
Open Contracting Partnership, Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment

Transparency in land-based investment: key questions and next steps

Resource3 Mar 2016
Open Contracting Partnership

Annual Report 2015