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Blog11 Jan 2017
Sierra Ramirez

Open contracting: what works for American cities

News8 Dec 2016

$1 trillion in public contracting in five major economies to become open-by-default

Blog11 Jan 2017
Gavin Hayman

Firing up for 2017: What to expect from open contracting

Resource7 Dec 2016
Hivos, Article 19

Open contracting lessons from 15 countries

Blog9 Jan 2017
Jorrit Visser, Hivos

Call for proposals: civic engagement for open contracting

Blog16 Dec 2016
Oleksiy Sobolev

Selling Ukraine’s state assets in the open

Blog15 Dec 2016
Tim Davies

Visualizing the new draft EU Procurement Forms

Blog9 Dec 2016
Daniel Dietrich, Hivos

What is countries’ readiness to open up public contracting?

News6 Dec 2016

Open contracting: a success story for open government

News12 Oct 2016

New joint initiative launched to build the next key piece of open data infrastructure

News29 Jun 2016

Open Contracting Partnership awarded top transparency rating

News12 May 2016

Pledge to make public contracting ‘open by default’ major step in fighting corruption

News10 May 2016

Opening public contracting essential for anti-corruption summit to succeed

Resource29 Nov 2016
Open Contracting Partnership, Development Gateway

Red flags for integrity: Giving the green light to open data solutions

Resource8 Nov 2016
Wilton Park

Leading by example: implementing Anti-Corruption Summit commitments on transparency in public procurement (Wilton Park Report 1502)

Resource11 Oct 2016

OCDS Field Level Mapping Template

Resource11 Oct 2016

OCDS Building Blocks Training Resource

Resource11 Oct 2016

OCDS Building Blocks Resource Guide