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Translating resource revenues into effective services & infrastructure

Midterm evaluation of the Open Contracting Partnership’s work funded by the BHP Foundation

By André Petheram, Scarlet George, Walter Pasquarelli, Natalia Carfi, Loren Treisman, Richard Stirling

Oxford Insights conducted a midterm evaluation of the Open Contracting Partnership’s work under the Translating Resource Revenues Into Effective Services & Infrastructure project. This is a project funded by the BHP Foundation, running from the end of 2017 until 2022. It supports OCP’s work in an initial fifteen countries. It is intended to: “transform public contracting in resource rich countries through ‘open contracting’ to promote:

  1. accessible, user-friendly open data along the entire ‘deal ow’ of public contracts; and
  2. better business and civic engagement to put that data to work across government.”

The evaluation finds that at the midpoint of the project, OCP’s progress towards these goals has been considerable.

Firstly, OCP has noted impact in two areas that clearly demonstrate how open contracting data can be put “to work across government” to design more e ective approaches to procurement.

OI has also traced a range of very strong intermediate outcomes that show civil society organizations, journalists, businesses and government officials engaging intensively with public contracting issues, in many cases by using the open contracting data being disclosed. There is a tangible commitment to further and deeper reforms.

Read the evaluation findings and recommendations.