We use AirTable to keep track of software tools that create, use, visualise and analyse open contracting data. We include tools that can act as inspiration when creating new open contracting projects or platforms, as well as re-usable tools and open source code which can be taken as a starting point for new projects.

You can find the tool directory to view full screen here, or embedded below.

The directory has a range of filters that can be set up find the tool you need. For example, if you are looking for re-usable tools or open source code that will work with OCDS 1.1, set the filters on “I’m looking for” and “Accepts as input”.

You can adjust the filters in AirTable to view the tools most relevant to you using the filter button below

You can also submit your own reviews of the tools using this form or tell us about another tool we should include by getting in touch with data@open-contracting.org