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From idea to impact: open contracting reform design and management

Our new guide on how to plan, communicate, and implement successful public contracting reform projects.

You want contracts that deliver results for everyone. You want to transform public contracting to improve goods, works, and services, or expand economic opportunity. You also know that change is hard. These resources can help you and your team to plan your goal-driven reforms, both big and small, and manage the change that they will require. 

This guidance will support you every step of the way as you create and carry out your reform plan to get to impact. Learn strategies for bringing your team together to develop a plan, understand your stakeholder needs, and build buy-in with the people that you need to support your effort. 
We tested these materials with frontline policy makers and civil society changemakers in five different countries through Lift, OCP’s program that helps teams of bold procurement reformers propel their ambitious plans towards systemic change.


Why: understanding your contracting challenge
Who: understanding your stakeholders
How: designing your reform strategy
What: measuring your impact