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2022 Annual Report


By: Open Contracting Partnership

Published: 2023

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2022 Annual Report

By Open Contracting Partnership

Despite a challenging year – our first as a fully-independent US charity – we met all our key organizational targets and have been able to document major impact from our work worldwide.

We highlight in this report stories of reforms from Ecuador, Nuevo Leon, Indonesia, Lithuania, Buenos Aires, Italy, Albania, the Kyrgyz Republic and Edo, and the many champions who have worked together to embed these reforms. These should give us hope as we seek solutions to the many interlocking challenges that we face worldwide — democratic decline, inflation, inequality, climate change and the illegal invasion of Ukraine.

The feedback of 360 reformers from nearly 80 countries who responded to our 2022 survey are shaping our 2023 priorities and will guide us as we develop our third strategy. We know it can take a lot of effort to procure, build, and institutionalize e-government procurement systems, so we will be increasing support to partners to deliver on this digital transformation. We are also stepping up to provide new resources on sustainable public procurement, better medicine purchasing, better digitization, and offer more advocacy support to local changemakers.

We are a small organization that explores bolder ways to transform public procurement to be open, fair, efficient, and sustainable everywhere. This is only possible thanks to the remarkable work of our team, our community of government and civil society reformers, and the support of funders. A big thank you to all of you as we look forward to 2023.