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Discover how to make the case for open contracting and measure the impact of your project.

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It is public procurement’s moment in the spotlight. It needs to be fast, smart and open if it’s going to shine. We make the case that you can buy fast but still buy openly.

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Explore how public procurement can be a power tool to level the playing field for diverse suppliers and how our processes can be made more participatory, resulting in better products and services.

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An estimated $97.5 trillion in infrastructure investments are needed to meet the Sustainable Development Goals by 2040. Learn how our approach can unlock the potential for citizens and drive greater infrastructure investment. Open contracting in infrastructure focuses on improving data, supporting implementation, generating impact, collaborating with the private sector, and building a new norm.


Our resources on how to spot red flags in public contracts and the best datasets and tools to help you with your stories.

Open Contracting Data Standard

Our guidance to using the Open Contracting Data Standard can be found on our page on data use.

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Poor public contracting contributes to many problems in the health sector: staff shortages, bribery, overcrowding, low quality or unaffordable medicines, and useless equipment, to name just a few. You can find more details on our page here.

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