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11 - 15 December 2023

UN Convention Against Corruption: 10th Conference of the States Parties (CoSP10)

Organisation: UNODC. Location: Atlanta, Georgia

The Conference of the States Parties (CoSP) is the main decision-making body of the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC). All states that have ratified the UNCAC are automatically part of the Conference of the State Parties. Other states (signatories and non-signatories), intergovernmental organisations and non-governmental organizations can apply for observer status at CoSP sessions.

The CoSP meets every two years and adopts resolutions and decisions aimed at building States parties’ capacity and cooperation to achieve the convention’s objectives as well as promoting and reviewing its implementation. It operates under Rules of Procedure adopted by the Conference.

This year, the CoSP will discuss its first ever resolution on public procurement. OCP will be on the ground to ensure open contracting principles and approaches are integrated.

In addition, there will be several pre-events, including:

  1. The 4th Anti-Corruption Academic Symposium (9-10 December, 9.00-17:30 EST) will provide a space for dialogue between members of academia, young scholars, and anti-corruption experts.
  2. The Civil Society Forum (Sunday 10 December, 11.45-17.00 EST), co-organized by the UNCAC Coalition, will recognize and celebrate the role civil society plays in anti-corruption efforts and elevate the voices of civil society and youth activists in the lead up to the Conference.
More information by our partners at the UNCAC Coalition

Region: International

Audience: Government