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15 September 2022

The Medicines Procurement Network — Webinar series

Organisation: Open Contracting Partnership. Location: 9 AM EST virtual

Our community has called for dedicated guidance on how to implement open contracting for medicine procurement and a platform for practitioners to share experiences, tools, and exchange ideas. We heard you! This September we will be launching the Medicines Procurement Network, kicking off with a webinar series for medicine procurement professionals to connect.

Why now? We’ve seen around 1 billion people fall behind in their access to healthcare due to the unprecedented pressure put on budgets and public health services by the pandemic. Yet, the medical industry is highly prone to corruption and is the second most prosecuted industry under the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention.

How can we change this status quo and save lives? Countries like Ukraine, Moldova, and Chile have proven that using open contracting to transform medicines procurement into an open, patient-centered, cost-effective digital system directly reduces corruption risks, increases competition, lowers the cost of medicines, and gets the best value for money.

Join us for the first community call:

Date: 15 September

Time: 9 AM EST

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Region: International

Audience: Civic Tech