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11 August 2021

Webinar: Red flags for integrity

Organisation: Open Contracting Partnership. Location: 03:00 PM in London

We also have webinars for our Spanish- and Russian-speaking community:

Our red flags methodology guide shows how to use open data in public procurement, ideally released in the Open Contracting Data Standard, to identify corruption risks throughout the procurement process from planning to implementation. The Red Flags to OCDS Mapping accompanies this guide providing a general schema that maps red flag indicators to the Open Contracting Data Standard and each of the procurement phases.

We recently updated our red flags indicator guide to detect 73 ‘suspicious behavior indicators’ or ‘red flags’, and provide guidance on how countries or local governments and organizations can benchmark procurement data against these metrics. Unlike many other public procurement controls and safeguards that focus on the early stage tender processes, these open contracting red flags take us through the entire public procurement life-cycle and value chain, from planning to tender to contract award to implementation and delivery.

Our red flags webinar will work you through the methodology and how to use the indicators to detect suspicious behavior. Joining up theory with practice, you will also get to hear from our partners who are successfully using these methodologies in the field. We hope to provide actionable and approachable steps that practitioners from across the globe, from researchers to procurement agencies to fellow data dorks, can take to begin analyzing their procurement data through the lens of integrity.

Join our webinar on 11 August at 14:00 PM (GMT) as we walk through our red flags methodology and give you an opportunity to hear from the field. Register now!

Region: International

Audience: CSOs