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11 November 2018

Paris Peace Forum

Organisation: . Location: Paris, France

The Paris Peace Forum from 11-13 November in Paris organized by the French government is all about coming up with concrete and innovative solutions to tackle global governance issues.
We’re organizing one of the plenaries to explore how to bring data, transparency, and trust in the world’s largest marketplace and how this matters to people’s lives.

Getting contracting right is a huge opportunity to shape efficient markets, make governments smarter and help improve quality of life. Yet, the sheer breadth, scale and vested interests make it difficult to change. Our reformers and activists will share their powerful stories of how they were able to navigate fractured politics, slow-moving bureaucracy, and even vested interest.


Are you an expert, engineer, programmer or designer interested in global governance and financial transparency issues? Are you willing to bring a concrete expertise, to challenge your ideas with international experts and to present your prototype in front of a panel of leaders and potential partners or funders?

Apply to participate the Paris Peace Forum hackathon! More detail to come.

Region: International

Audience: Multistakeholder Initiative