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22 July 2021

Open Contracting advocacy for CSOs workshop

Organisation: Open Contracting Partnership, Corruption Watch SA, PRWG.

The South Africa Procurement Reform Working Group in partnership with Corruption Watch South Africa and the Open Contracting Partnership (OCP) is inviting civil societies in South Africa to participate in a workshop on open contracting as a tool for transparency and accountability in governance. 

The workshop is aimed at introducing the concept of open contracting and building an understanding of the use of procurement data for anti-corruption, red flag monitoring, and advocacy. Participants will be walked through an introduction to open contracting, its principles, key concepts, and implementation. We will also cover the contracting process, context, and history of open contracting and OCDS, the problems it was developed to address, use cases, data tools, and resources for the analysis of procurement data.

In addition, we will hear about a civil society case study from Africa that has successfully engaged in Open Contracting advocacy in their country. Please join us as we discuss this important issue,  where civil societies can continue to play their vital role in ensuring accountability in public procurement.

22 July, 2021 at 2 PM SAST

Region: South Africa

Audience: CSOs