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25 September 2018

Open Contracting in Practice. Pre-event IODC

Organisation: Open Contracting Partnership. Location: Facultad de Derecho, Buenos Aires

Use, Challenges, Impact

Open contracting has become one of the key open data-driven initiatives in recent years. Better, smarter, and fairer government contracting will have a significant impact on citizens’ lives everywhere. Open contracting should go far beyond better open data to drive systemic reforms: giving citizens the nutritious school meals, the world-class medical equipment, and better goods and services that they deserve.

Our pre-event ahead of the International Open Data Conference in Buenos Aires will be a forum to hear experiences and learn from peers. A “hard talk”-style conversation about challenges and opportunities will lead into data use clinics. In the clinics, we will connect peers to explore topics like the value of the Open Contracting Data Standard, using contracting data to follow the money, sparking innovation and competition, working with poor-quality data, building effective feedback loops for impact, and many other hot topics. We’ll have a marketplace where people can ask for help and share tools and solutions they developed.

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For the detailed agenda, see here.

8:30 Light breakfast
9:00 Welcome & introductions
9:30 Hard-talk: Framing challenges, opportunities and vision for open contracting
11:00 Data clinics
12:45 Lunch & networking
13:30 Got & Need marketplace
14:45 Closing

This pre-event is organized together with our partners ILDA and will be in English.

Region: International

Audience: Civic Tech