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25 September 2018

Happy Hour: Open up data, deals … and drinks

Organisation: Open Government Partnership and Open Contracting Partnership. Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Government does not only happen in the Mayor’s office or the Casa Rosada. It’s alive in the streets and at home. It’s there every time we cycle on public streets or take public transport, we attend school or university or have to go to the hospital. We all have an opportunity, and a responsibility to engage and participate. Governing should be an open and transparent process, free of corruption and based on the needs of the citizens. Open government, especially in areas such as public contracting where most of government’s money is spent, offers a vision for a government that is built on this trust and an active participation by empowered citizens. At the core: Open data on what government does and how it spends its money that is accessible to everyone.

As the International Open Data Conference takes Buenos Aires, join us for an evening meeting government officials, activists, hackers, journalists and YOU at the WeWork Torre Bellini.

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

Audience: Civic Tech