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14 February 2017

Community Call: Open Contracting Tools ‘Show & Tell’

Organisation: Open Contracting Partnership helpdesk. Location: video conference

Our next community call: Open Contracting Tools ‘Show & Tell’ Workshop will take place on 14 February between 3pm and 4.30pm GMT.

This workshop is to understand the tools you need, what’s available and what isn’t. We’ll cover:

  • The OCDS tools landscape
  • Existing tools for Open Contracting
  • The gap in Open Contracting tools

More details are available in the agenda.

Who is invited?
We invite everyone interested in Open Contracting from Non-Government Organisations and Civil Societies, Government Agencies, the Private Sector, and Developers who’d like to showcase their tools. You can sign up on EventBrite: Open Contracting Tools ‘Show & Tell’ workshop

What can I do to prepare?

I’m a tools developer, how do I showcase my tool?
Are you an ardent maker of tools? Have you made a tool using the Open Contracting Data Standard? Get in touch with the helpdesk to discuss showcasing your tools as part of our lightning presentations.

I really need a particular tool, how do I make my needs known?
We’d love to know where the gaps are. You can share your thoughts before the workshop in our survey.

We look forward to welcoming you on the day.

OCDS Helpdesk Team

Region: International

Audience: Civic Tech