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10 February 2022

Civil society as an integral part of an efficient public procurement ecosystem

Organisation: EBRD, Open Contracting Partnership. Location: 09:30 - 13:00 GMT+0

​The EBRD and the Open Contracting Partnership signed a Memorandum of Understanding​​ to work together to embed local civil society participation into public procurement reforms, helping to rethink the whole process of procuring goods and services and creating open, accessible, and timely data on public contracts to improve competition and monitoring and to engage citizens and businesses in identifying and fixing problems with public services.

Making the contracting process more transparent has been proven to have an impact on improving competitiveness as well as curbing corruption and strengthening trust in the process.

At this event, we team up with civil society stakeholders and government reformers to hear how the project is going. What impact are we seeing and what lessons can we learn, especially with public procurement in the spotlight as never before due to the pandemic.

The event will explore how accurate open public procurement data is a gamechanger for systemic reforms, helping to hold governments more accountable while building trust, providing a feedback loop on public procurement performance, and generating opportunities for new and data-driven digital services. We will also learn about the latest data-driven tools for monitoring and evaluating public procurement systems to compare, gauge progress, and generate ideas for further improvements.


  • Aigul Akmatzhanova: Executive Director of Transparency International Kyrgyzstan
  • Cristina Buzasu: EBRD – Civil Society and Partnerships
  • Elena Calistru: Founder of Funky Citizens
  • Constantin Cearanovski: Member of the Board of Directors at Positive Initiative
  • Edil Eraliev: Partner Group Precedent
  • Karolis Granickas: Senior Program Manager at OCP
  • Gavin Hayman: Executive Director of Open Contracting Partnership
  • Olena Koval: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  • Aferdita MeMekulikuli: DAI Global
  • Viktor Nestulia: Head of, ECA at Open Contracting Partnership
  • Eliza Niewiadomska: Senior Counsel, Legal Transition Programme at EBRD
  • Debora Peci: Democracy Plus
  • Ardi Shatri: Levizja Fol
  • Vitalii Trenkenshu: Datanomix
  • Rinat Tuhvashtin: Kloop Media Foundation
  • Vasyl’ Zadvornyy: CEO of ProZorro

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Region: Europe

Audience: Civic Tech