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13 April 2022

2022 KOPPEX Public Procurement Workshop

Organisation: Open Contracting Partnership, PPS Korea. Location: KINTEX, Virtual

The Public Procurement Service of the Republic of Korea (PPS Korea) together with the Open Contracting Partnership (OCP) will host the “International Public Procurement Workshop: Public Procurement for Recovery and Beyond” at the 2022 Korea Public Procurement Expo (KOPPEX), Korea’s largest public procurement exhibition.

We will deliver broader insights and expertise on public procurement and how to ensure public procurement can significantly facilitate economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. We will discuss how to strategically approach public procurement with social and environmental values as we rebuild in this post-pandemic era.

Day 1 speakers

  • Chungwoo Kim – PPS
  • Gavin Hayman – OCP
  • Manki Kim – KAIST Business College
  • Jeff Taylor – Asian Development Bank
  • Carsten Hansen – UNDP
  • Nanda Sihombing – OCP
  • Hunwoo Lee – KAIST Business College
  • Geunho Kong – PPS

Day 2 speakers

  • Bernadine Fernz – OCP
  • Maud de Vautibault – Global Infrastructure Hub
  • Siti Juliantari – Indonesia Corruption Watch
  • Hwahyun Jung – PPS
  • Karolis Granickas – OCP
  • Gaurav Godhwani – CivicDataLab
  • Elena Drazdauskaitė – Lithuania Ministry of Environment
  • Erika Bozzay – OECD
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Region: East Asia

Audience: Government