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Does your team need guidance to overcome a block on the road to procurement reform? Do you need advice on how to build power to overcome vested interests, or foster a strong coalition for change? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

You’ve asked us to help you make the case for change, so we offer training to complement our Open Contracting Advocacy Toolkit and our rapid response ‘mini grants’, Our partners have told us they value three particular types of training:

  1. General advocacy skills, strategies and tactics around open contracting
  2. Bespoke strategy & campaign planning workshops
  3. 1:1 troubleshooting sessions for live campaigns

We can offer support in English, Spanish, and Russian. Just reach out to your regional manager at OCP or Kristen Robinson, our Head of Advocacy, with a short summary of what you want help with and we will do our best to assist.


Below, we offer a bit more detail on what and how we can help.

General advocacy skills training 

If you are looking to build team skills on how to create an advocacy campaign, or if you are looking for a primer on how to make the case for open contracting using case studies from around the world, this option is for you. We can currently offer two standard sessions.

Suggested support :

  1. Strategy & planning: How to build an open contracting campaign
  2. Messaging: Making the case for open contracting

Bespoke strategy & campaign planning workshops

If you have an upcoming advocacy opportunity or campaign in mind, for example a procurement bill set to be tabled, a spending package that should have open contracting provisions added, a public consultation on government contracts or data, or an opportunity to update rules and regulatory practices around procurement to name a few, this type of session is for you. These sessions are workshop-style, tailored to your opportunity, and the time is spent co-creating solutions and brainstorming ideas for your live campaign that you will be able to put into practice.

Sessions available:

  1. Designing your campaign strategy
  2. Making your case for change
  3. Building your coalition & stakeholder propositions
  4. Planning your campaign timeline & tactics

1:1 troubleshooting sessions for live campaigns

If you have a campaign plan already underway with a clear target, messaging, and coalition of support, but you run into roadblocks or frustrations and want to get external advice or inspiration – this option is for you. These sessions are informal, and can be arranged at short notice to offer help when it’s needed.

We will have advocacy and regional experts from the team and/or our wider community of peers join a call to discuss your questions or challenges, and share our insights and experiences from other campaigns to see if we can provide fresh perspectives, ideas, or suggestions that could help you unlock creative solutions. We all know the feeling of working on an issue or in a context for so long that we struggle to step back and think outside our go-to tactics. That’s what this quick session can help with!

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Kristen Robinson,
Head of Advocacy