Conectamos al gobierno, a la sociedad civil y a las empresas para abrir y monitorear la contratación pública.


riesgo de corrupción del gobierno son las compras públicas


países y ciudades implementando las contrataciones públicas


ahorra el gobierno con la implementación de las contrataciones públicas

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Blog15 Feb 2018
Carey Kluttz and Gavin Hayman

La transparence numérique des marchés publics des Jeux olympiques de Paris renforcera la confiance du public, favorisera la concurrence, et permettra d’optimiser les ressources

News17 Ene 2018

Better and open data key to effective public oversight and managing risks in government spending

Blog15 Feb 2018
Carey Kluttz and Gavin Hayman

Digital transparency of the Paris 2024 Olympics contracts to build public trust, improve competition & deliver value for money

Resource6 Feb 2018
Open Contracting Partnership

OCDS Formato de Plan de Publicación

Blog30 Ene 2018
Tim Davies

What to do with fields that don’t map*? (*At first)

Blog26 Ene 2018
Ian Makgill, OpenOpps

How can the UK prevent another Carillion crisis?

Blog24 Ene 2018
Gavin Hayman and Katherine Wikrent

Data quality and quantity: open contracting needs both to work well. So what are we going to do about it?

Blog18 Ene 2018
Julija Hansen

From JSON to visualization: Analysis and process guidance for OCDS data

News27 Nov 2017

Transforming government contracting: Two-day global meeting Open Contracting 2017 to kick off in Amsterdam on 28 November

News18 Oct 2017

Malaysian project to expose political interests in procurement wins Open Contracting Innovation Challenge

News14 Jun 2017

Government Innovation Award winner and six Grand Prize finalists of Open Contracting Innovation Challenge announced

News8 May 2017

Open letter to Chancellor Merkel

News3 Abr 2017

New tool to track corporate ownership around the world

Resource6 Feb 2018
Open Contracting Partnership

OCDS Publication Plan Template

Resource5 Feb 2018
Open Contracting Partnership

Entregas y registros: Guia de capacitacion

Resource22 Dic 2017
Open Contracting Partnership & co-conveners

OCGlobal17 Conference Report

Resource27 Nov 2017
Open Contracting Partnership

Using it, not losing it, over procurement data

Resource3 Nov 2017
Keystone Accountability

Feedback Report: Open Contracting Partnership