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Announcing a collaborative series of OCP-Hivos Learning Circles: Share and learn from peers to put open contracting into practice

Despite the sudden need to postpone our events and migrate our work almost entirely online, we don’t want our meaningful engagement with you to end!

Today, we’re happy to announce that we’ll be launching a second set of learning circles in collaboration with Hivos’ Open Up Contracting Program in an effort to grow and strengthen our community of practice. These intensive online discussions will focus on key themes for OC implementation, such as impact measurement, change management, advocacy, and using the Open Contracting Data Standard. Unlike a webinar, these will be small learning groups that will be intimate and interactive throughout. Sessions will be held in English and Spanish and recorded and shared with the community at large. 

The open contracting journey can be long and complex, but you don’t have to go it alone. There’s a whole community of open contracting implementers around the world and they have a lot to share! To be the first one to hear about these sessions and join the discussion, sign up for the mailing list here

We’ll publish a separate blog for Spanish learning circles.

Learning Circle #5: Measuring the impact of your open contracting project 

15th April, Wednesday

In this session, we will talk about how to design projects and embed impact monitoring from the get-go. We’ll hear from Viktor Nestulia from the Open Contracting Partnership who will discuss his experience of creating a business intelligence tool, BI ZORRO, in Ukraine. 

We will cover:

→ Goal-setting

→ Defining KPIs/impact measurement

→ Honest progress-sharing (despite hiccups and obstacles)

English, 15 April @ 14:00 GMT+1

Hosts: Sierra Ramirez, Hivos Consultant & Hera Hussain, Open Contracting PartnershipInstigator: Viktor Nestulia, Open Contracting Partnership
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Learning Circle #6: Keeping it going. Change management for open contracting reforms.

29th April, Wednesday 

In this session, we will talk about how to build buy-in with a larger team or organizations into your reform design and plans. In your reform, you will work with many different stakeholders from many different sectors of society. It is important to think about how supportive or opposing they are to your efforts and also how much power or influence they have.

We will cover:

→ Defining your reform goals & outcomes

→ Identifying stakeholders with the power to embed your reform in the wider policy agenda

→ Designing reform activities & KPIs

→ Storytelling

English, 29 April @ 14:00 GMT+1

Host: Daniel Dietrich, Hivos

Instigator: Kaye Sklar, Open Contracting Partnership

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Learning Circle #7: Open contracting for healthcare – medicine pricing 

6th May, Wednesday

In this session, we will talk about the different open contracting for healthcare projects that are looking at the pricing of medicines. From benchmarking to licenses and advocacy, this session will cover what strategies have worked and common challenges.

We will cover:

→ Advocacy & storytelling

→ Detecting & monitoring red flags 

→ Research & benchmarking prices

English, 6th May @ 14:00 GMT+1

Host: Hera Hussain, Open Contracting Partnership

Instigator: TBC

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Learning Circle #8: OCDS for CSOs in low-resource environments

20th May, Wednesday 

In this session, we will talk about ways to best support projects in “low-tech” environments – in terms of technical infrastructure, data availability, or capacities of key stakeholders. Our guests will share how they have used workshops, data, stories and social media to work towards or with OCDS. It’s not a linear line from paper-based procurement to OCDS.

We will cover:

→ Data use guide

→ Telling stories with data

→ Community workshops

→ Advocacy

English, 20th May @ 14:00 GMT+1

Hosts: Katria Tomko, Hivos & Sierra Ramirez, Hivos

Instigator: Ifeoma Judith Onyebuchi, PPDC & Sam Milsom, Open Data Manchester

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