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Lift changemakers put plans into action

We know that change is hard. That’s why we created the Lift open contracting program, to help reformers deliver results. We know it can be tough to bring together different agencies to align data, policy, and politics around a single goal to achieve impact.

Like many public procurement changemakers around the world, the Lift teams are navigating complex situations while developing their ambitious reform plans. In the first phase of the program, two of our Lift teams had elections, one of which brought a new party to power. Another team had to cope with a cyber attack, which left the entire local government locked out of its emails and electronic files.

Yet over the past several months, the Lift teams proved resilient. Over and over, they showed that it’s possible to advance meaningful reforms even in difficult circumstances. Since October, the teams have been focusing on thorough preparation. Through Lift, the teams have identified strategic entry points, created a cohesive theory of change, built buy-in with team members and engaged stakeholders. These are the five initiatives we are supporting:

With strong plans in place developed throughout the first phase of the Lift program, we are excited to accompany them in the next phase: implementation.

We recognize that the teams will move forward at different speeds depending on the scope of their ambitions and logistical realities. So, we will continue working with the groups on two tracks at different levels of intensity as they put their plans into action.  The three teams that are closest to impact – Buenos Aires, Mexico City, and Moldova’s Positive Initiative – will be on the Results track, and receive intensive support from us over the next 10 months to accelerate their journey. The City of New Orleans and the team in Ecuador will be on the Foundations track. These two teams need more time to reach their impact goals, as their reform plans require more systemic change. They will receive OCP support over the coming years as their projects progress.

We don’t yet know all the challenges that await the Lift teams as they proceed with implementation. But we are confident that these savvy reformers have the skills, plans, and drive to overcome barriers and achieve impact.

We are honored to accompany them, every step of the way. Stay tuned for Lift team project updates, progress, and impact stories on our program page

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