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What’s next for contracting reform? Insights from over 70 ideas to ‘Lift’ public procurement

Ok, eager beavers. We knew you were committed to transforming public contracting, but the interest we had in our first ever Lift impact program bowled us over. More than 70 teams from all around the world shared their best ideas with us for data-driven contracting solutions to public problems. We’re thrilled to have so much interest in this new program and believe it will be a great opportunity to work together to transform how contracting delivers results for everyone.  

As the applications move through the formal review process, we couldn’t resist taking a sneak peek at them. The quality and diversity of ideas is truly impressive. Taken together as a whole, these applications also say a lot about the field of open contracting. Here are some of our insights:

We are still in the early stages of Lift, yet we are already energized by the amount of interest in the program and these initial insights. Our community of open contracting reformers is growing. With open contracting being implemented in more than 50 countries, we were pleased to receive proposals from both familiar members of our community and many new voices and places. 

For us, Lift is a springboard to better understanding reformers’ ambitions and pain points, to help them and the whole open contracting community to drive systemic change. We will try to support everyone who submitted an application in achieving their goals. In the Fall, we will not only announce the Lift winners and begin working with them, but also offer Learning Cohorts, community calls, and many other opportunities to everyone to boost their open contracting skills and knowledge.

We are counting down to ‘Liftoff’. Stay tuned for more updates and insights!

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