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Kicking off our Open Contracting 2017 blog series

Two months to go until our global meeting Open Contracting 2017 in Amsterdam in November.

An exciting agenda is shaping up. Over two days during we’ll mull over how we can transform government contracting together so that a better, smarter and fairer government contracting – enabled by the active participation of citizens and businesses – can improve lives everywhere.

We want to hear from all the different people and organizations that make up the open contracting community: governments, businesses, open data enthusiasts, civil society activists, journalists and everyone else who’s passionate about open contracting.

It will be a unique opportunity to celebrate the impressive progress we have made over the last couple of years. The stories that are emerging where we see open contracting gaining ground are inspiring.

But there remains a lot to be done. We need to understand better what drives change: how do we get from transparency to accountability to impact that citizens can feel in their lives.

What are the lessons so far? How can we replicate what works and learn from what hasn’t? Where are the gaps and what remains to be done to make this process transformative? Your experiences are invaluable.

Two months to go also means we have eight weeks to start this conversation. We’ll be kicking off this blog series this week, under the motto of “Transparency, Tools, Transformation.”

Have something you’d like to contribute? Get in touch with me. And make sure you use the comments section to add your voice to the discussion.

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