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Launch of fully transparent platform DREAM to coordinate and track Ukraine’s reconstruction

London, 22 June – At the Ukraine Reconstruction Conference in London this week, Ukraine launched the Digital Reconstruction Ecosystem for Accountable Management (DREAM), a fully transparent electronic platform to coordinate all stages of reconstruction project implementation. DREAM will provide Ukraine’s citizens, government and donors with a one-stop platform to monitor and manage all stages of Ukraine’s post-war reconstruction projects, creating a single pipeline from communities to funders. 

Through DREAM, the planning and implementation of reconstruction projects is accountable, efficient, inclusive, and sustainable. The first 200 government users and 5000 projects are already in the system, covering 24 government departments and 190 Municipalities. The system will be scaled during 2023.

Viktor Nestulia, Head of Ukraine Support at the Open Contracting Partnership and Chair of Ukraine’s RISE Coalition, said: “It was critical to see high-level commitments to continued financial support to Ukraine. By developing DREAM with the government, we have taken a critical step in developing a fully transparent, comprehensive ecosystem to track where every dollar, euro, pound & hryvnia is going and to coordinate the reconstruction. Donors now have to buy-in to this coordinated approach too.”

“We will have to rebuild thousands of destroyed homes, schools, hospitals, kindergartens, and lives. Through DREAM, Ukraine can deliver projects where they are needed, so they are sustainable, on time and budget, providing full transparency and regular reports on the reconstruction progress.” 

Olexander Kubrakov, Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine’s Ministry for Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development said in his statement: “A transparent, responsible and effective restoration of Ukraine is impossible without the use of digital tools and systems. Thanks to the DREAM ecosystem, our international partners will be able to select projects for funding and track their implementation at all stages. The principle of ‘everyone sees everything’ allows us to build trust in the recovery process, as well as strengthen the capacity of communities and regions.” 

The development of the DREAM ecosystem was jointly initiated by the Ministry of Community, Territories and Infrastructure Development and the RISE Ukraine Coalition, a coalition of more than 40 Ukrainian and international organizations working on open government and anti-corruption reform, in the summer of 2022. The Open Contracting Partnership is now helping to build the system, setting up a dedicated project office to deliver it in close cooperation with the Ministry, the State Agency for Restoration, Transparency International Ukraine & the Better Regulation Delivery Office. The work is being financed by UK aid from the UK government. The head of the Project Office will be Viktor Nestulia. 

The system builds on Ukraine’s world-class open data and open government infrastructure to deliver a system to support end-to-end transparency and accountability for the key projects that will underpin the reconstruction. DREAM links damage assessment, budgets, project planning, procurement and delivery in an integrated way to support better coordination and delivery of projects in real-time. It was recognized with The People’s Award at the Copenhagen Democracy Summit

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