Назад к мероприятиям
5 - 7 June 2024

Urban Future 2024

Organisation: Urban Future. Location: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

This year, we’ll be at Urban Future, exploring how to make cities sustainable. Public procurement has a key role to play and we look forward to contributing to the following session:

Preparing the tiger: procurement for sustainability

Public procurement is often seen as a rather dull and boring field. However, with European cities procuring to the sum of billions of Euros every year, they have substantial purchasing power. Most of all, they hold an immensely powerful tool to implement change we can wield in the charge towards sustainability. Cities around the world are increasingly unleashing these powers to drive change in industries, ranging from climate adaptation to energy, and from retrofitting to social and gender-responsible procurement. But you must get a few key things right from the beginning. Join this highly interactive session to share the most important dos, and the worst don’ts.

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Region: Europe

Audience: Government