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Statement on the resignation of the Ukrainian Minister of Economic Development and Trade Abromavicius

We are saddened and moved by the resignation of the Minister of Economic Development and Trade Aivaras Abromavicius and his Deputy Minister Max Nefyodov over political interference to block essential reforms to promote better economic governance by his Ministry in Ukraine.

This comes at a crucial moment in the process of the country’s public procurement reforms that are aiming to enshrine increased transparency, more competition and citizen monitoring in the country’s law.

Public procurement is a vital public integrity issue. Opening up this process, as has been done through the Prozorro platform, helps government get more value for money, creates a better business environment, reduce fraud and corruption, and make sure citizens receive better goods and services.

We have been honored to assist the Prozorro team in the process of building such a cutting-edge, transparent e-procurement platform. This public-private initiative has the backing of both business and citizens and we will continue supporting this process as long as its leadership is able to act freely in the public interest. Ukraine’s reforms have been drawing favourable international interest and are setting a shining example in the region. These efforts shouldn’t end here.

Gavin Hayman
Executive Director
Open Contracting Partnership

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