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Open Contracting Partnership awarded top transparency rating

The Open Contracting Partnership is delighted to receive a 5-star rating in Transparify’s latest report on how open think tanks are about where their funding comes from.

“Openness is what we stand for. It’s what we ask from others and what we strive to do ourselves, so it’s great to see our commitment being recognised,” said Gavin Hayman, Executive Director of the Open Contracting Partnership.

Transparify rates some 200 policy research and advocacy organizations around the world, on a scale from 0 to 5, based on what information they disclose online about who their donors are and how much money they receive. The Open Contracting Partnership is considered “highly transparent”, meaning that the organization lists all its donors on its website, and clearly identifies the purpose of all its funding. This is the second time the Open Contracting Partnership was included in the report, retaining its 5-star rating from last year.

“Equally as important as how we are funded is how we spend this money. We’re now working on implementing our Open Contracting Data Standard to our own contracting process as well,” Hayman said.

Find the Open Contracting Partnership’s funding information here and its Access to Information and Open Contracting Policy here.


The Open Contracting Partnership connects governments, civil society and business to open up and monitor public contracting. We support the global open contracting community and work with partners across sectors and along the whole process of government contracting. More information at


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Open Contracting Partnership
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