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Applications for WorldCC & OCP Award for “Open Contracting Impact” now open

Changing the status quo in procurement is hard. That’s why World Commerce & Contracting (WorldCC) and the Open Contracting Partnership are collaborating to celebrate the achievements of practitioners around the world who are making public procurement more open and accessible. 

This new award for “Open Contracting Impact” will be conferred to a team from a public sector organization that has successfully implemented open contracting and can demonstrate how this transparent approach has changed lives.

The Open Contracting Impact Award honors bold reformers who are shattering the image of public contracting as a compliance-based exercise by employing innovative methods to radically improve public works, goods, and services.

Open contracting is an approach to public contracting reform that fosters a culture of openness about the policies, tools, data, and results throughout the procurement cycle. It promotes the publication of open data and effective engagement with diverse stakeholders. The winning team will be able to show how they used elements of open contracting in their reforms to achieve results.

For a selection of success stories about existing open contracting reforms, visit the OCP website.

The Open Contracting Impact Award is one of eight categories in the 2020 WorldCC Innovation and Excellence Awards program, which recognizes individuals and organizations achieving the highest standards in the field of contract management.

How to enter

You can submit your entry to one of three regional programs: Europe, Middle East and Africa; Asia Pacific; or the Americas. The awards are open to all WorldCC members and non-members, and we encourage any public sector organization, large or small who believes they have a story to share, to enter.

The deadline for entries for all regions is 30 October 2020.

Please click here to submit your entry for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region.

Please click here to submit your entry for the Asia Pacific region.

Please click here to submit your entry for Americas.

We will then celebrate our awards finalists and winners in style in November 2020. Further information to follow. 

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