Good data is a means to an end, not an end in itself. So how can you put it to work to improve procurement? This section offers a host of resources to get you started finding, evaluating and analyzing open contracting data in real-world situations to help you set and measure your open contracting reform goals.


Apply open contracting data to real-world situations

The resources in this section help guide you through applying open contracting data to real-world scenarios such as measuring procurement performance, red flags to track malfeasance or mistakes by authorities, and quality control of information.

Use case guide: indicators linked to OCDS

This guide compiles a list of procurement indicators related to market opportunity, internal efficiency, value for money, public integrity and service delivery, that can be calculated using OCDS data.

Indicators to diagnose the performance of a procurement market

This document details a list of common indicators for an initial diagnosis of the performance of a procurement market using public procurement data, providing key information on different aspects of the contracting process. The main indicators proposed describe the level of competition and the internal efficiency of the processes, and signal potential risks and areas of improvement.

Red flags for integrity

In this introductory guide, learn how countries can reference their procurement data against a set of over 150 suspicious behavior indicators, or “red flags.” These flags occur at all points along the entire chain of public procurement-from planning to tender to award to the contract, itself, to implementation-and not just during the award phase, which tends to be the main focus in many procurement processes.

Explore open contracting data using common tools

The first step in using data that has been published according to the Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS) is to learn how to access and manipulate OCDS data. This section introduces a variety of tools that can help you get started using OCDS data using your preferred formats and methods.

Downloading tabular OCDS data from the Data Registry

The Data Registry helps you find and download public procurement datasets that are available in the OCDS format.

Getting & Exploring OCDS Data with Google Sheets

In this learning lab, work through a hands-on exercise where you will: get a bulk spreadsheet OCDS dataset from a publisher, explore the dataset using Google Sheets, and generate insights from the OCDS datasets using Google Sheets features.

Analyze, visualize, and interpret contracting data

Once you know how to access and explore OCDS data, let’s put it to work from spreadsheets to R and many things in between, this section covers popular tools and methods to start turning your data into insights you can act on.

Advanced OCDS analysis with Excel (beta)

Excel is one of the most common spreadsheet packages: most people have at least some experience using it. The goal of this lab is to show you how to use this widespread tool to get insight into contracting data that is published using OCDS in spreadsheet formats.

From JSON to visualization: Analysis and process guidance for OCDS data

This post in our technical series explores a particular trend around the use and analysis of OCDS data, along with our reflections from analyzing OCDS data published by the UK’s Crown Commercial Service (CCS).

R for OCDS

The goal of this manual is to provide the basic foundations needed to analyze and visualize Open Contracting data using the R programming language to people that might be interested in pursuing this challenging but worthy endeavor. A basic understanding of computer programming will come in handy when reading this document; however, enough guidance is provided to ensure that less-tech-savvy readers can also follow along.

Visualizing OCDS data with Kibana

This guide has been created to increase the use and impact of data publication, import OCDS and analyze them visually and intuitively. Although all the examples are based on the Mexican case, we provide you with instructions to import any dataset that meets OCDS standard.

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