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Manual: R for OCDS


By: Open Contracting Partnership

Published: 2018

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Manual: R for OCDS

By Open Contracting Partnership

The goal of this manual is to provide the basic foundations needed to analyze and visualize Open Contracting data using the R programming language to people that might be interested in pursuing this challenging but worthy endeavor. A basic understanding of computer programming will come in handy when reading this document; however, enough guidance is provided to ensure that less-tech-savvy readers can also follow along.

As a part of this guide, we acquire, clean, analyze and plot Open Contracting data from 4 members of the partnership: Paraguay, Mexico, Uruguay and Colombia. This document was written using R Notebooks, a nifty feature which allows convenient integration of Markdown and R code and exporting to HTML and PDF. The source code of this project is available here.

La versión en español está disponible aquí.