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12 March 2020

Smart Public Contract Register – Webinar

Organisation: EBRD, Open Contracting Partnership. Location: Webinar

Smart contract register, civil society monitoring, data-driven tools in public procurement and latest developments.

The movement for Open Government has created the means for revolutionizing the way governments work across the world, generating the space for active citizen participation and driving efficiencies in governments. Open Contracting is a prime example of the transformative nature that opens governments by creating a single and trustworthy source of open, accessible and timely information on public contracts to serve government and business and engage citizens in identifying and fixing problems with public services. Making the contracting process more transparent had been proven to have an impact on improving competitiveness as well as curbing corruption and strengthening trust in the process.

​The EBRD teams up with the Open Contracting Partnership, Transparency International Ukraine, and other civil society stakeholders to discuss opportunities to improve public procurement and public services using Open Government tools available to create public procurement open to business and local communities.

The Workshop will deliver on how true, accurate and collected at the source public procurement data also empowers citizens and helps holding governments more accountable while building trust in government, providing a feedback loop on public procurement performance and generating opportunities for new and data-driven digital services. In this context, discussion will focus on how the creation of smart public contract registers, based on a set of the OCDS business intelligence tools can enable data-driven reporting and/or monitoring of public procurement as well as ensure transparency towards citizens and businesses.

Objectives of the Workshop:

  • To introduce the philosophy of Open Government and the Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS) and related open data resources developed for the GPA Parties/EU Member States;
  • To review the OCDS context of the Prozorro, Dozorro BI and MTender – from the conceptual and technology angles and learn from their achievements;
  • To discuss recently completed EBRD Open Government Lab pilot projects on OCDS digital procurement, statistical reporting, business analysis and relevant technical solutions;
  • To discuss the use of OCDS data by the EU Member States for creating smart public contract registers, implementing new eForms and developing reporting and monitoring tools for national public procurement system based on the online real-time OCDS export from digital procurement platforms;
  • To discuss development of the OCDS middleware for existing and new electronic public procurement platforms in Europe;
  • To deliver a technical workshop for the e-Procurement platforms’ teams in respect to the implementation of the OCDS;
  • To discuss smart public contract register pilot projects under development by the EBRD and Open Contracting Partnership.

Region: Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Audience: Government