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Idiot’s Guide to Looting Public Procurement and Get Rich Quick

La versión en español está disponible aquí.

Around 60% of foreign bribes paid worldwide go on public contracting. Most governments don’t know what they are buying, for how much, from whom.

Read this guide for tips on how to:

  • Issue tenders for things that aren’t needed
  • Fix the process so that ‘your’ company wins
  • Minimize bids from companies you don’t want to win
  • Get companies to form a price-fixing cartel
  • Cheat by deciding who wins
  • Double your money or more as the contract gets implemented by hiking prices or changing the scope of work.


Just to be totally clear, the real Idiot’s Guides and For Dummies series have had nothing to do with this leaflet – they’ve not seen it, contributed to it nor endorsed it. We’ve used their name because they are synonymous with producing clear guides to complex topics, just as we’re trying to do here.